After taking the soil for a moment, he said, "What about now?"

Naruto smiled and said, "I still want to kill you now, but I won’t kill you now because you shouldn’t be decided by me."
"Oh, what?"
Naruto replied, "Because of your life, you shouldn’t be judged by me. I think my father would rather let him decide, so I won’t step in. You’d better let my parents decide."
After hearing Naruto’s parents stare blankly for a while, he remembered being with Watergate and Jiu Xinnai, and suddenly sighed when he thought of what he had done. "You said that I should let the teacher decide who should die in this matter. I also hope to die in the hands of the teacher. How can I help you? With my help, you should see your parents soon. "
Naruto shook his head and said, "It’s not necessary. It’s my business and something I must finish. Besides, I have found a way to revive my father. Even now, I have the ability to revive my parents, but my mother will have to wait a little longer, but I don’t think it will be too long."
Seeing Naruto’s firmness in his eyes and knowing that Naruto wants to revive his parents with his own hands, Tatuto nodded, "Well, I’m sure you can do it. I’ll come back to you when you do it one day." Then Tatuto got up and walked out of the bathhouse.
After taking the soil out, Sasuke finally couldn’t help but ask, "Naruto, who are you personally? I sensed an extremely dangerous atmosphere from him. This person must be very powerful and very dangerous at the same time, and his eyes, if I guess correctly, should mean that the eyes of that person are in turn, that is, Uchiha Obito."
Naruto nodded and said, "You are right, he is Uchiha Obito, that is, the culprit who killed my parents. Although my parents didn’t die at his hands, they also took her back to kill her. If he hadn’t released the Nine Lamas, my mother wouldn’t have died, and my father wouldn’t have sacrificed his life for my mother and chose to seal the ghost."
Sasuke nodded. "I see. No wonder you said you hated him."
Sai asked curiously, "In this case, why don’t you kill him? What is this? Naruto, can you tell me?"
Naruto laughed. "Actually, it’s nothing. I just want to leave his guilt to my parents to decide. After all, Uchiha Obito is my father’s brother. I think he prefers to decide for himself. Besides, he is also a poor man and he is a benefit to others. In that case, I’d better give him to my father."
Sai curious way "your parents naruto gentleman you are not an orphan? Aren’t your parents dead? "
Naruto thought, "Yes, they are dead, but I will be able to revive them soon. I have thought of two ways to revive my parents. Hehe, I believe I will see my parents soon."
Sai surprised way "resurrection? Can the dead really be resurrected? "
Naruto nodded. "Yes, but the conditions are very harsh, and two conditions must be met."
Sai asked nervously, "Which two conditions can you tell me?"
Naruto looked at Sai’s nervousness and introduced Sai in his previous life, and suddenly he knew Sai’s thoughts. But Sai’s brother has been dead for many years, and his brother’s body has already rotted, so it is impossible to resurrect.
Naruto shook his head and said, "Sai, although we didn’t know each other very long, I still know you very well, but there is one thing I want to tell you, that is, I can’t help you with that idea in your heart. I’m really sorry that your brother can’t be resurrected."
Sai was slightly stunned. He didn’t expect Naruto to know his thoughts and his brother at the same time. But what Sai wants to know most now is that Naruto says that he can resurrect the dead, but now he says that he can’t resurrect his brother. This is what Sai wants to know most now.
Naruto saw Sai wondering, "I know what you want to ask, but I am really capable. The first condition for reviving a person is to have a complete body. But Sai, you should know very well that your brother’s body has decayed to the bone as early as ten years ago, so I can’t complete your regret."
Sai disappointed replied, "Well, I’m sorry that I made such a mistake. I’m so sorry that the request has caused you trouble." Then Sai went out and his face was full of lost thoughts. Naruto sighed slightly.
Sasuke looked at Naruto and asked, "This guy named Sai is the new member of Class 7 instead of me?"
Naruto nodded and said, "But his name is Sai. He is a good guy. Is he good at people communication, but everything else is good?"
Sasuke asked, "That guy named Uchiha Obito just now has a round eye in his right eye, that is to say, Ootutuki Hagoromo?"
Naruto nodded his head. "Well, do you remember when I was in Yueguo before, didn’t I resurrect a man named Nohara Rin by metempsychosis? I also sent her to Kakashi to fight with Uchiha Obito. Nohara Rin is Uchiha Obito’s only weakness and Uchiha Obito’s taboo. It was only by reviving Uchiha Obito that the Nohara Rin girl won the ability of Nagato’s senior brother to turn around, and one of them was to resurrect the dead. "
Sasuke Huanran said, "So that’s it."
Naruto laughed. "Well, enjoy a quiet bath and relax. Let’s talk about it later."
Sasuke thought for a while and then became quiet. He enjoyed the hot springs and brought them to him.
Compared with the men’s bathhouse, the harmonious women’s bathhouse is tense. Since Tayuya came in, the whole scene has become very embarrassing, especially since KINOMOTO SAKURA and KINOMOTO SAKURA are full of hostility to Tayuya. If KINOMOTO SAKURA’s eyes are sharingan or supercilious, I believe Tayuya has been killed by KINOMOTO SAKURA several times.
In fact, Tayuya is also deeply hostile to KINOMOTO SAKURA, but because KINOMOTO SAKURA has confirmed with Sasuke and she and Sasuke are not even friends, she consciously has no position to stand up to KINOMOTO SAKURA and can remain silent.
But Tayuya has never been a woman who can swallow. On the contrary, she is a woman with a worse temper than KINOMOTO SAKURA, and she is a murderer who kills people without a word. After she was silent for a while, she couldn’t stand KINOMOTO SAKURA’s angry eyes and said, "Hey, how do you want to fight?"
KINOMOTO SAKURA also nu way "dozen dozen don’t I also afraid of you don’t like you this kind of person, I raise my hand can destroy you believe it or not".
Tayuya growled, "What are you talking about? Well, I really don’t understand how an excellent person like Sasuke can see a violent woman like you and a violent woman with a flat chest and a wide forehead."
Tayuya, this sentence is suspected to have ignited a raging fire in KINOMOTO SAKURA’s heart. Seeing that two people are about to fight, Lin Neng is crowded in two women on the edge of the outbreak, and her heart is also very resistant.
Nohara Rin thought to himself, "I can do this, so can I. I haven’t solved my own problems yet."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Baal teaches out
"This is the headquarters of Baal Sect, isn’t it?" Kakashi said.
Sasuke replied, "It should be. We followed these people all the way here, and you see there is also an altar here. This should be the headquarters of the Baal Sect. There can be no mistake."
Naruto looked at it and said, "Shall we catch them all now?"
Kakashi shook his head and said, "Don’t be impulsive. Besides destroying the cult of Baal, we also have an investigation into the immortality of the cult of Baal. Let’s see what they are going to do first. Spread out and wait for my signal. You two will lurk to the opposite side. Sai will lurk to the right. KINOMOTO SAKURA and Tayuya will lurk to the gate and ask me to send a signal. KINOMOTO SAKURA will seal the gate. Sai will put a seal on the gate to prevent me from attacking with Sasuke and Naruto. We will fight in the shortest time, okay?"
Five people nodded at the same time "know"
Kakashi nodded. "That’s good to spread out."
The five people immediately left Naruto and Sasuke hiding behind a stone statue opposite Kakashi. Naruto smiled at Sasuke. "Hehe, Sasuke, we are reunited this time. I don’t know how much your strength has increased. Can you keep up with my speed?"
Sasuke replied faintly, "Hum, don’t underestimate Uchihiro, but be careful yourself. Don’t wait for me to save you."
Naruto said in surprise, "Hey, it seems that the strength has increased in recent months? Let me guess. It won’t be the third time that the nine dragons have been refined. "
Sasuke disdained, "Hum, the third weight said don’t underestimate me. I’m the fourth weight now."
Naruto surprised way "fourth? Hehe, it’s really worthy of Sasuke. You are a genius. So you don’t spend a lot of chakra to exercise now. "
Sasuke nodded. "Well, I need to spend half of my chakra to exercise now. It’s much more and a wave."
Naruto said, "Your nine changes of the Holy Dragon are really abnormal. It’s really the closest to the true God’s skill. I don’t think anything can hurt you now."
Sasuke replied, "Yes, but it also let me know a secret."
Naruto wondered, "What secret?"
Sasuke replied, "That’s when we were in Yueguo, that guy in Ao Yun was teasing us. That guy didn’t come up with real strength to fight with us. I guess it must be that Aoguang idea. This bastard dared to play me. When I get strong, I must find him to calculate this account."
Sasuke felt that his self-esteem was seriously insulted, but Naruto said, "I don’t think there is anything. Those big people always like to do something. It’s not dead, but you’re right. It’s really annoying. Since you’re going to settle accounts with him, count me in. We’ll settle accounts with him together when we are strong."
Sasuke smiled. "Okay, I’ll call you. We’ll kill him together."
At this time, not far from the altar, a group of Ahriman sects were kneeling in front of the so-called Ahriman idol under the leadership of their Pope, praying sincerely. After they prayed, they led the Pope to get up and said to the believers, "We should prepare for the sacrifice now, Lord Ahriman. Bring the sacrifice."
As soon as the Pope’s words were finished, two Baals took a man away from the altar and Sasuke wondered, "What is this for?"
Naruto replied, "The leader just said that he would sacrifice to the so-called evil god. I think this person is a sacrifice."

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