"Now everything is still uncertain. Don’t be suspicious at random. Let’s do this. None of you should wait for the Prime Minister to go back to the office. I will naturally leave it to the Prime Minister." The housekeeper told the four people beside him.

"The minions will keep their mouths shut." They don’t want to cause trouble either. Now the housekeeper has to solve it by herself, so they won’t be bothered.
"That’s it. Take the darts." Then the housekeeper turned around and headed back to the route.
After the five people left, seven jumped from the tree, and now he was soaked by the rain and dripping with water.
Look at the housekeeper’s expression, she doesn’t know anything about this matter, so it’s very likely that Yuntai did everything alone?
Otherwise, how could Yuntai hear the sound but not lead troops to save people?
And it’s still such a coincidence.
Thinking that Yuntai was suspected and had a problem, Qi flew back and hid in the dense branches and leaves of the tree.
No one thought it would rain heavily today, and officials and people around them took umbrellas to wait for them.
Officials in sedan chairs also say that people are getting wet if they want to get wet.
Yuntai got into the sedan chair and felt uneasy.
I wonder what is the situation of Yunzui now? And is it really a monster?
Lifting the curtain of the sedan chair, Yuntai said to the outside, "Go to the nearest temple."
It’s a way to prevent cloud drunkenness. It’s a monster.
I didn’t believe in ghosts and gods before, but now that the killer is so strong, he is afraid to continue to live. It can be said that Yunzui is really problematic.
Moreover, the drunkenness of fishing for dead bodies before hair also made them have an eye-opener. If it is not a spell, there is really nothing to explain.
He needs to ask the Buddha to carry some magic weapons to ward off evil spirits.
I also want to ask a Taoist priest and monk if there is such a powerful illusion in this world. If Taoist priests and monks say they can’t do it without them, then Yunzui is really suspected of being a monster.
I didn’t expect Yuntai to suddenly go to the temple, but they dared not ask more questions and immediately turned around and went in the opposite direction.
Looking at Yuntai’s car leaving the direction, Mu Lian won’t lift the curtain of the carriage. Why did Yuntai suddenly turn around?
And it’s strange to find Yuntai absent-minded at him.
"Mulian, do you know what your father-in-law is going to do?" Tiefan lifted the curtain of the carriage and asked the carriage to walk side by side.
521 Chapter 521 Who is dead (5)
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Mu even shook his head at once without knowing the answer himself.
"How strange!" Tiefan said and let go of the carriage curtain.
They all know that the prime minister’s office lived in a drunken cloud, not in those days.
Now Yunzui has something to do, and he is so strange to Yuntai with the Prime Minister’s people. Maybe it is because of Yunzui.
"Go to the Prime Minister’s Office" unexpectedly, Mu Lian and Tie Fan ordered their own people at the same time.
So the two carriages drove away at the same time towards the Prime Minister’s Office.
The heavier the rain outside, the faint cloud drunk can still be heard, but when I open my eyes, it is dark, while the cloud drunk himself seems to feel very comfortable and soft in a sponge.
Everything around is still dark, drunk and angry, "I want daylight!" Daytime! "
However, the voice just fell in front of Yunzui, and it was a beautiful place with fresh air around it. It was like a paradise, and it was as beautiful as the scenery.
It is this forest picture that appears in the sky.
It was in the forest that she was brought here by the clouds that she could see this picture of the forest.
"It’s raining." Yunzui remembers that there seems to be no rain since she came.
However, on a hot day and rain, it feels even more sultry.
But fortunately, Yunzui stays in the virtual world, which is just spring, which is neither too hot nor too cold.
"Grandpa, I’m hungry." Yunzui said to me, feeling miserable.
I don’t know when Yun wants her to stay here, but Yun Zui doesn’t feel chatting. On the contrary, it’s quiet enough for her to stay idle and not think about anything.
Anyway, there’s nothing urgent, and you can still watch the play here!
Let’s see what happens when the face finds out she’s missing.

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