A Jiu was quickly sent to Su Wan to treat him. When he opened his eyes and saw Su Wan, his eyes were so sad that he didn’t speak for a long time.

Finally, Su Wan said, "What happened to A Jiu?"
"Mother, don’t you want A Jiu? Let Ah Jiu die. It would be nice if A Jiu died."
Su Wan thinks he is hard-hearted, but after listening to his pitiful words, his heart is a little sour. Finally, he slowly said, "Well, I didn’t want you. Isn’t this with you?"
Well, it’s cheap. She can’t get rid of it
A Jiu’s eyes lit up. "Mother, did you say you brought A Jiu?"
Su Wan nodded and A Jiu smiled happily. "It’s very kind of you, mother."
He ran towards Su Wan and wanted to jump into Su Wan’s arms. This time, Xiao Huang kicked him out without giving him a kick. He ordered with a cold face, "Sit in the back of a carriage and throw you away if you dare to speak again."
On hearing Xiao Huang’s words outside, A Jiu decisively chose silence and finally climbed behind a carriage before he dared to mutter "Bad!
DuDu "bad guys, big bad guys"
Xiao Huang, the carriage in front, was depressed and hugged Su Wan’s anger and bit Su Wan’s mouth hard.
"Why don’t we throw him away halfway?"
It’s enough to think that he’s an emperor and he’s reduced to being jealous with a fool.
Su Wan smiled and raised her hand to knock Xiao Huang’s face to see that he looked much better. She was very happy.
Always holding him now makes her feel very concerned about others, which is secondary.
A Jiu is not an important person either. She just wants Xiao Huang to be good.
"Leave him alone and take him back to Beijing. If I cure him, let him go. If he is bad, I will kill him."
Su Wan said that Xiao Huang had to promise two people to take a carriage all the way back to Beijing.
Because Xiao Huang was previously poisoned, the speed of returning to Beijing was not fast, mainly considering that Xiao Huang’s body needs to be recuperated slowly.
In this way, people walk naturally slowly.
After ten days, Xiao Huang’s body was completely restored, and Xiao Huang made the guards speed up and return to Beijing.
It is a person who has not returned to the capital and received an urgent dispatch from the capital.
This letter was sent by Ye Ting, a little Hou Ye of Anping Hou Fu.
It was written in the letter that Princess Muqian of Jiaping was assassinated by assassins when she pretended to be Su Wan, because they had been secretly deployed and caught the assassins.
However, Mu Qianqian was injured in this incident. Although the injury was serious, it was fatal.
However, when Ye Ting tried those assassins, he found out that those assassins were instructed by Emperor Xiao Cong.
When Su Wan left Beijing earlier, she instructed Ye Ting to arrest whoever instructed someone to hurt her.
So Ye Ting took people to Yangde Palace, but caught the emperor, but left a legacy to kill himself. Ye Ting found it and let the physician make a diagnosis and give treatment.
However, although the physician has controlled Xiao Cong’s life, he can’t solve the poison at the moment. If the queen doesn’t go back, she is afraid that Xiao Yan will have life worries.
Ha ha Xiao Huang this and silly jealousness borne. Chapter The queen mother exposed.
After Xiao Huang received the letter in the carriage, Jun stood up and felt the cold. A beautiful face was slowly covered with clouds, and her eyes were full of air conditioning. Her hands were tightly held and she attacked one side of the car wall.
The car wall shook a few times when dong rang, and his hands were red and swollen.
Although there was no bleeding, Su Wan still couldn’t say how distressed he was. He stretched out his hand and glared at him with dissatisfaction. "Your hand is not long."
After she stared, she took the letter from Xiao Huang’s other hand and came to see it. Soon Su Wan’s face darkened. Her first worry was that Mu Qian had suffered because Sandy had suffered. If she hadn’t replaced her, she wouldn’t have been hurt. However, Su Wan finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Ye Ting say that she had passed the critical period.
Su Wan felt that it was unlikely that the Emperor Yu instructed the assassin to assassinate her, and she said, "I don’t think it was ordered by the Emperor."
Xiao Huang listened and looked up at Su Wan.
He felt cold when he read the letter earlier.

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