She kept it from her pregnancy because she was afraid of the jealousy of Empress Rongfei. I didn’t expect her to do it on purpose.

Empress Rong Fei got up quickly and looked at the emperor, saying, "There is no such thing as musk in the Imperial Palace. I still want to get pregnant. How is it possible that you should check this thing?"
Empress Rong Fei said that a delicate face had been bitter, and her black eyes were full of tears, so she couldn’t say how lovely it was.
When the emperor saw it, he was distressed by Empress Rongfei. He stretched out his hand and pulled Empress Rongfei up. "Well, I believe you are not such a vicious person."
Behind Chen Guiren almost didn’t grieve in the past, but she also felt that Empress Rongfei had some truth in what she said. She absolutely couldn’t have musk in the hall, because it hurt her health. She was also a empresses, and she certainly wanted to have an emperor’s child. How could musk be such a thing?
Chen Guiren thought about calling to the emperor, "Emperor, you have to find out for the male and female servants. Since it’s not the things in Rongfei’s Mother’s Palace, someone must have hurt me. It’s a big sin for her to do so without paying attention to the emperor."
When Chen Guiren called the emperor, he got upset and glared at her. He ordered people to "send this woman back to her palace."
Chen Guiren’s face turned black. She knew that she was afraid of falling out of favor because she kept it from the emperor. Chen Guiren’s tears flowed, but no one paid attention to her.
The palace has always been so popular and out of favor, but it is only a matter of time. Now that you are in the palace, you should be prepared.
Chen Guiren soon sent away.
However, although Chen Guiren was sent away, the emperor didn’t let go to investigate this matter, but Chen Guiren was pregnant with his child, and he will be interesting to see who is so bold as to dare to touch his child in this temple.
When the emperor is old, he pays more and more attention to his grandson. What if it was once? When he thought of the past, he thought that if he was a mother, the tiger mother wouldn’t eat. Hehe, the emperor laughed sullenly and then ordered the physician not far from his side, "Go and see where this temple comes from."
No one will notice the smell of musk because there are many fashionable flowers and plants in the wing wah palace today, but people who know a little about it will smell it. That’s why the emperor will call the physician to check this.
The physician took the command to check the emperor, but he didn’t give up. He called the eunuch to the imperial hospital and called two physicians.
Soon, two doctors and three doctors came to search for anyone or where there was musk.
Everyone in the hall was in a panic. I didn’t expect that going to the palace for a banquet would make so many things happen. It was really disturbing.
Of course, the most disturbing thing is Rongfei Niangniang, who knew she didn’t even want this birthday celebration, so much happened to her.
The three physicians soon finished checking, and all three of them didn’t look very good, and all three of them stared at one person and looked at her in order. This person was Su Wan.
What’s not white when the emperor looks at it? Is it that Su Wan has musk? The emperor looks at Su Wan with a full face and doesn’t like this woman. Why is this woman everywhere?
"What’s the matter? Is there musk in the main body of Qingling County?"
The physician came out and replied, "It is the main body of Huangqingling County that smells of musk."
The emperor looked at Su Wan and was furious. "Su Wan, why do you have musk?"
No matter whether she has a heart or a heart, a woman is uneasy about putting musk on her body. Today is the birthday of Empress Rongfei. She even has this kind of thing when she goes to the palace for dinner.
Everyone in the hall looked at Su Wan and was afraid of your daughter. At this time, many people were happy.
Some people are just dancing.
"I didn’t expect this woman to enter the palace with such courage and musk. What does she want to do?"
"Does she want to harm Empress Rongfei?"
"Let’s stay away from her. This musk is harmful. I heard that smoking too much can lead to infertility."
Everyone in the hall looked at Su Wan with schadenfreude, happiness and of course worry.
However, Su Wan was not the slightest bit nervous, but her eyebrows were smiling and charming, but she looked at all the people in the hall. Then she turned around and looked at the three doctors in front of her.
The three physicians looked at her with such eyes that they were afraid to look at Su Wan.
Su Wan was about to speak, but someone on the side of the hall stepped in faster than her.
"Physician, are you sure this musk is the main body of Qingling County? You have to make it clear that you can’t talk nonsense before this emperor. Do you know what heavy punishment you will receive if you come to the wrong conclusion? "
Xiao Huang’s cold sound is getting up, but it gives people a powerful coercion, which makes the physician’s face white. The physician thought of the Prime Minister’s office. I heard that it seemed that he had offended this Xiao Shisuo and died so quickly that even the Prime Minister died in the blink of an eye. It was him.
The physician couldn’t help but look up and wipe his sweat, and then he didn’t dare to speak again.
The emperor glanced at Xiao Huang’s eyes, but he didn’t say much. Instead, he looked at the physician and said, "Physician, are you sure that the main body smell of Qingling County is musk?"
The physician smelled it carefully again and then looked at the side of the two physicians. The two physicians cast a glance at each other, and no one dared to tell the physician that "I can’t be 100% sure about this thing but it tastes a little like it."
They looked at the emperor, looked at the physician and finally looked at Su Wan.
Su Wan walked out slowly, supercilious and said, "It’s only because some incense tastes like musk that I don’t have musk, but I can help the emperor find out that there are musk people in this hall."
She said a word in the hall, and all the people who had been watching the audience before changed their faces. Looking at this woman, this woman won’t take the opportunity to plant dirt and frame them, will she? They and she have always been bad.
All the women in this temple are worried.
The emperor didn’t want it to continue to be stiff, so he agreed to let Su Wan look into it.

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