The foot disease and fierce actually kicked the mystery man to the abdomen!

The mysterious man’s body was kicked up a short distance with the strength of this foot, but it was catching Mrs. Yang’s root that didn’t go back to cross the osteotome blade!
"Swish" and "swish" two mysterious people’s left and right shoulders were immediately scratched with two wounds, and two red flowers were dyed when two blood fogs splashed out.
Too fast. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The mysterious man didn’t feel the pain yet, but he still groaned in a low voice. This groan came from surprise and fear. He knew that the disadvantage at the moment was enough to cost him his life!
Sure enough, Mrs. Yang Lao’s two osteotome crossed and then quickly fell to the mysterious man’s neck roots on both sides without giving him a chance to fight back or dodge!
Although the mysterious face mask grinned grimly, at the moment, great fear and despair sprang from the bottom of my heart. I knew that there was not much hope this time, unless a miracle came, my life would be over …
But a miracle really happened!
Just when the two osteotome blades were about to touch the mysterious man’s neck, Mrs. Yang suddenly felt something strange behind her, small but extremely sharp, piercing the air and coming straight to her back!
Consciously, Mrs. Yang took two osteotome, turned around and spun them to form a barrier. Her eyes haven’t seen it clearly, and she only stopped the flying thing by intuition!
Bone knife blade play that one by one to hidden weapons Yang Lao lady also instantly see that thing turned out to be a black beast teeth!
Animal teeth? Black? Is it the orc west male cat?
Mrs. Yang Lao swept away the row of black beasts’ teeth with a fright. When she looked up fiercely, she saw two figures rising from the oblique direction. One was the Orcs’ west distance from the Tomcat, and the other was the ghost shadow.
"It’s been a long time, cordate telosma." The grinning male cat from the west soared and floated in front of Mrs. Yang’s face. That disgusting smile was no different from that mask!
"Cordate telosma? Almost didn’t recognize it! " Ghost shadow has been suspended so surprised expression stared eyes to see Mrs Yang Lao "hey, cordate telosma bone family famous beauty how to make yourself so old? Did you adjust and suppress your original ability yourself? "
Domain race can control all functional changes and aging by its own race ability if its ability reaches the level. It can be said that its own control can keep its face unchanged, and its youth can also make itself gray and white overnight.
Mrs. Yang Lao’s change naturally has a way to express her difficulties
At this time, Mrs. Yang Lao’s eyes were cold and her heart was a little surprised. On the surface, she said at all that she opened her mouth and said coldly, "I really didn’t expect it to be you two! Are the famous Shadows and the West Male Cats now under the command of the Big Domain Master? "
"Waste what words! Kill her! " The mysterious man behind Mrs. Yang Lao is clutching his shoulder at the moment, and deep in his throat, he makes that deep, weird sound, but at the moment he looks impatient and flustered.
West from the male cat nodded fists clenched several black teeth and instantaneous growth.
And ghost shadow is got pie mouth smiled a raised his hand and took a few consecutive looked at the mysterious man behind Mrs Yang Lao said "in such a hurry? Are you willing to give up? "
Hmm? What do you mean? Give up? Mrs. Yang Lao’s heart was shocked, but she had no time to think about it. The male cat and the shadow in front of her rushed at the same time, and the mysterious man behind her quickly moved her body and attacked mercilessly from behind!
To be fair, Mrs. Yang Lao’s strength is not weak. Although she hasn’t fought for a long time and has never performed official duties, her strength and ability have not weakened, and it may not be the case that one of the mysterious legions of the big domain lords will fight against each other.
But after all, she is not a floating life, nor is she a tiger, nor is she a kind valley. But being besieged by three first-class experts in the domain has no chance of winning!
In no two or three rounds, Mrs. Yang has been completely at a disadvantage, and being attacked on three sides has made it very difficult for her to cope, let alone fight back.
Suddenly, the male cat on one side of the west shot a row of black animal teeth. Mrs. Yang hurriedly raised the osteotome to resist, but on the other side, the shadow had already kicked over. Mrs. Yang had to draw out an arm and wave the osteotome to chop it for temporary interference.
As soon as she reached out her arm and chopped at the shadow with a bone knife, she suddenly felt a cold behind her! Followed by a warm chest!
Stunned! Completely stunned!
At this moment, Mrs. Yang Lao knew that she had been pierced from her back to her chest, but when she looked down with surprise, she found that piercing herself turned out to be a bone knife!
Seeing Mrs. Yang Lao being pierced, the male cat and the shadow all stopped and floated aside to watch with a gloomy face.
And Mrs. Yang Lao’s body was pierced, her eyes were wide open, she felt no pain and her head was in chaos.
"Shua" behind the mysterious man fiercely a osteotome back, Mrs Yang carry a quiver lips a mouthful of blood pouring out.
But still supporting the body slightly shaking in suspension, slowly turned around and looked straight at the mysterious person, and Mrs. Yang Lao had vaguely felt who this person was at the moment.
But just turned around and the mysterious man raised his hand and "pounced"! The osteotome once again went deep into Mrs. Yang’s chest from the front and pierced out from behind her!
Mrs. Yang Lao suddenly stared straight at the mysterious man in front of her again, unblinkingly, like watching a familiar stranger.
The mysterious man seems to have been panicked by Mrs. Yang Lao. When her shoulders shook, she suddenly sank and stopped and pulled back her osteotome! But he didn’t expect that he pulled back the osteotome and instantly the old lady Yang’s body quickly approached him with the osteotome. He raised his hand and tore off the grinning mask of the mysterious face!
The mysterious man was shocked and pushed Mrs. Yang Lao.
But Mrs. Yang’s face smiled at this time, and her eyes narrowed slowly by stare big and whispered, "It was you."
Say this body leaned back and fell straight to the ground …
So seriously, Mrs. Yang Lao is lying in the arms of Yang Night at the moment. God can encourage her to open her eyes and miss it without regret. She looks at Yang Night.
Lan Yao beheaded but looked at Mrs. Yang’s chest wound and the flesh around the wound was faintly frosty and cried out in surprise, "This wound … this is a bone knife stab wound!"
When’ tis once spoken, Yang night suddenly looked down at Mrs. Yang’s hand and took God’s energy and carefully lost it.
"It’s … it’s a osteotome." Mrs. Yang Lao’s words are a little hard, but as God can constantly strengthen his tone, it’s a little normal. "The night orchid demon cuts you … you should be careful that the mysterious guys brought by the big domain master are masters of all races in the domain just now … I just saw the shadow of the orcs west of the Tomcat and the ghost family …"
Lan Yao beheaded and nodded. "Xiupo, we already know that Guiling and Xiahou Chaojun were also injured by them!"

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