Since Zheng Fei wants a child, give it to her. She already has it. He won’t let the child not be born.

Mu Wanting got up and sent Yan Gui off with a pale face and sat on the couch. Mammy Liu came in to see her slouches and urged, "Lord, what’s the matter with you? Isn’t that a good thing? When Yang gave birth to a child, I will remember you in front. "
"I neglected the temple now … I don’t want children." She couldn’t get rid of Yan Gui’s last look at her eyes, which was disappointment.
How can he be disappointed in her?
"Lord …" Mammy Liu was frightened. What should I do?
"That Yang is insidious enough to wait for the temple to come back for so long!" Get on nu way
"Hehe, I am the first temple child after all. Isn’t there a common princess in the backyard?" Muwanting smiled with disdain and laughed
"Since … don’t …" Liu Mammy hesitated.
"Don’t talk about the arrangement. Now that you want to move, prepare early. It’s a good thing to tell Wan Shi and Su Shi." Mu Wanting said lightly, but Wan Shi bit hard.
Mammy Liu covered her eyes with her head down and answered clearly.
It won’t take a while to move. Whether the child can stay depends on God.
Su Mian took one look at Yan Gui when she learned that Yang Qingqing was pregnant.
Of course, she knows that the concubines don’t use contraceptives, but drink soup every time. The princess is responsible for this.
But Yan Guixian doesn’t like being a princess, you know?
"Looking at the temple like that?" Yan to chagrin way
"Congratulations, Dian is going to be a father" Su Mian said coolly.
"Mianmian!" Yan to don’t want to explain is called a displeasure.
"The flaming stone in the temple is really a good thing. Wearing a hand concubine is warm all over." Su Mian touched her wrist bracelet lightly. Chapter 158 Pregnant.
"Don’t change the subject. She’s pregnant. It’s not the meaning of the temple." Yan Gui became more annoyed and explained the sentence.
"Know" Sue cotton is able to shrug off.
"You …" Yan Gui felt that punching cotton didn’t make any effort.
"Temple, why are you still wronged? Is it normal for me to be sad about this? " Sue cotton sit swallow to leg a pair of’ how do you make fun of’ sample way.
You!’ Yan to a anger mercilessly embrace her kiss.
I didn’t let her go until I made her feel dizzy. "Mianmian is really a bad girl."
Wan got the news, but it was not so quiet.
Anger smashed several cups to stop this evil spirit.
It’s just better than Su’s. How dare a concubine be pregnant before? How does Zheng Fei do things?
"Lord, please be quiet. The temple has told her to move into the main courtyard. This child is for Zhengfei!" Ann mammy headache way
Now that you mention it, Wan Shi is calm.
She thought for a long time in her chair. "Since it’s for Zhengfei, the more I can’t keep Mammy … I’m in a situation now …"
The positive side is holding her back. If the princess has another child …
"Lord! After all, it was the first child in the temple. How many people stared at it! Calling to move to the main courtyard is just a precaution. "Mammy Ann was frightened.
"Mammy, what’s the hurry? I won’t do it myself. There are several young girls. "Silver bar, she is not short of money anyway.
Mother Ann was very hesitant. It was a battle between heaven and man. At this time, it was natural that the princess was not good, and it was better to be the master. But … How can you ensure that you don’t give away the clues if you really do it?
"What does Sue’s side princess mean …?" Ann mother heart since what to do, don’t ask others to do it?
"Who knows? Sick plants can’t become a climate! Why didn’t you drown her? " Wan a fidgety way
"Let’s just wait. We can’t move out so soon. It’s best if someone else does it. It’s best if we don’t get our hands dirty," said Mammy Ann.
Although Wan Shi was impatient, she couldn’t bear this situation for a while. She listened to Mammy Ann most and nodded "Good Mammy said it."
Yang Qingqing felt uneasy and sweet when she found out that she was pregnant. Anyway, this is the first child in the temple. Isn’t it time for her good day?
Yang Qingqing is now suspected to be happy, and there is a smile on her eyes and brow.
It’s the first time since she entered the government that she has carefully looked at her house. If she gives birth to a child, she will definitely stop living here. It’s better to have a daughter. Shouldn’t the child be able to live in a cabinet alone?
She doesn’t argue with Su’s family, but isn’t Su’s family still with her every day? She only served it once, so there will be.
"What do you say next door?" Yang Qingqing touching his belly sound is full of disdain and asked.
"How can you say that she has brought a gift? She has long fallen out of favor. How can she compare with the Lord?" The girl also sneered.
Yao’s family was favored by Su Mian. When Su Mian didn’t show up, she was more favored than Zhengfei. But what about that? That’s all in the past. Yang Qingqing didn’t care
However, a favored woman has a temper, such as Yao’s. She is still the favored woman, but the fact is that Su Mian has fallen out of favor since she entered the government to serve the concubines.
Yang Qingqing was an accident, but so what? Still being lucky, still serving the temple, naturally someone will rely on it.
So was Yao’s. She was not well at that time.

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