For Wu Liang, it is suspected that happiness is less than that of coming here. Although the salary of the library is only in the early 1000 s, Wu Liang neither smokes nor drinks. In addition to the necessary expenses, there is at least a balance of 700 yuan in the past month. Perhaps it is a lot of bad luck before, so now it is extremely good, isn’t it? Wu Liang often thinks so.

Time flies, and it’s already late autumn with fallen leaves.
It’s especially cold this autumn, and it’s even faster than 20 degrees in November in previous years, but it’s only after October this year that the temperature has dropped to 10 degrees directly. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and be blown by the cold wind. Although Wu Liang doesn’t have the habit of staying in bed, it’s always good to sleep for a while. It’s almost time for him to climb out of bed and freshen up and tidy up his clothes until his mother comes to the room to call him.
Hot steamed bread in mouth, bagged soybean milk in one hand and a small bag in the other, rushed to the car in three steps and two steps, and then squeezed into the crowded car, which was almost suffocating. After the bus barely solved all the food, it reached the front of the library.
Then the attendance machine punched in, cleaned the office, made two pots of water, and then counted and sorted out the library at 9: 30. Everything was neatly arranged in front of the library. When the library door was closed, Wu Liang could go back to his room and have sex with his brain until noon. Every day, Wu Liang lived according to this rule. Everything seemed dull and there were no twists and turns, but this down-to-earth life was what Wu Liang liked.
It’s a pity that God seems to be dissatisfied with Wu Liang’s little happiness, and soon a sudden headache becomes Wu Liang’s trouble.
It’s a very difficult headache, as if the water is rising in my head. I generally feel that my whole brain is crowded and something seems to be gushing out. Sometimes Wu Liang didn’t mean to admit that he was staring at his brain for too long, but gradually Wu Liang felt that something was wrong. That kind of flickering headache appeared frequently, whether it was before my head or not. It always appeared without warning and disappeared quickly after ten minutes. There were always five or six times a day.
A sense of foreboding rose from Wu Liang’s heart. After watching more online news, I naturally know more. Why does Wu Liang feel that he has quite a lot in common with the early symptoms of brain cancer? Should he not be so unlucky to win the lottery? Wu Liang’s hair was "hairy" in his heart, but he was afraid to tell his parents that it was no joke, so Wu Liang decided to go to the hospital quietly for an examination, whether it was good or bad, to make people feel at ease.
But this time, Wu Liang’s brain wave has become a problem for brain doctors. Although he is a novice doctor who graduated from medical school soon, he still knows the basis of brain wave scanning. When the doctor saw Wu Liang’s almost static brain wave scanning from the scanner, his first reaction was that the hospital had just imported brain wave scanning equipment with quality problems. After all, how can a living person sit in front of him and scan out brain waves and vegetative brain waves?
Fortunately, Wu Liang’s brain was not photographed by the cancer shadow organization, which was recognized by the doctor as a migraine caused by continuous mental excitement. He gave Wu Liang several packages of sedative "medicine" and said that once he had a good rest, Wu Liang would rest naturally. Since the doctor told him to rest, he would rest well. It happened that the old curator of the city borrowed the library convention office on Thursday, and decided to let everyone have a public holiday on Friday. Wu Liang planned to rest at home for three days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
In fact, this strange phenomenon of frequent headaches and brain waves is caused by the information forcibly instilled by alien intelligent nuclei in Wu Liang’s head.
According to the actual situation, the database owned by the intelligent core covers most of the important information in the alien world, and it is difficult to form it on a large scale. Although it has been compressed and processed by the intelligent core, and the brain volume of the human brain is quite low, it is much more than that of other creatures. However, when the intelligent core instills information into Wu Liang’s brain, the biological alarm still exceeds the limit, and even if Wu Liang does not rely on external forces and help, it will not be enough to grow another brain.
But although Wu Liang has escaped the most dangerous, it doesn’t mean that everything will be safe. If Wu Liang knows a little about the basic concepts of alien science and technology, he will be white. Although the forced input of brain data is temporarily suppressed for some special reasons, it is necessary to output these data in sixteen standards (equivalent to one year on Earth), otherwise those data will break through the external force sooner or later and occupy Wu Liang’s consciousness and make him a living biological hard disk. Unfortunately, Wu Liang doesn’t know that although the earth technology is developed, his life is obviously far from being far away.
At present, Wu Liang has frequent headaches because his brain negatively reflects a phenomenon because of those forced information. In the next year and a half, this headache will not be improved, but will become more intense and frequent. Once the external force is suppressed, the consequences will be unimaginable. At least Wu Liang is a vegetable.
It is equivalent to know happiness at some moment, just like Wu Liang now.
Wu Liang’s plan is good, but it is strange for people living in a city to sleep peacefully for three days. It is not easy to suddenly stop after getting used to the busy pace of life. There are still many disturbances outside the world, and it is one of the main culprits.
It’s obviously a very rude thing to call someone’s home after eleven o’clock in the morning to disturb others’ sleep, but for Wu Liang’s friends, to find this time, they go out at seven o’clock in the morning and get home at eleven o’clock in the morning. There is no mobile phone or pager around them, and they never know how to "reveal" the work unit. People who are familiar with Wu Liang also know that Wu Liang’s family is directly installed, and the extension in Wu Liang’s room will stop working as soon as it gets dark, and the caller will be afraid.
"Who’s calling?" Wu Liang yawned. He just climbed into bed and planned to sleep after watching for a while.
"It’s me, dead wood! It’s only been more than a year before you forget me! Dead wood without conscience! " In the words, someone was excited and cheered, and then a series of complaints, "It’s really hard to find you. I called you more than ten times before and after, not to say that your class went or no one answered …"
"long tongue! ?” The other party talked a lot but didn’t give his name, but Wu Liang already knew who the other party was. He knew a lot of nonsense and liked to call himself Chang Yan, an old classmate of Woodenhead in higher vocational education. This guy was eloquent, but he talked a little more. All former classmates liked to call him’ long tongue’. Since graduation, students in higher vocational education have been scattered and rarely contacted. I didn’t expect Chang Yan to suddenly speak.
"Ha ha, it’s me, it’s me, it’s you. Remember I was right. I’m going to have a reunion here on Saturday afternoon. Are you coming? I’ve found almost everything in our former class. What about you? Can’t get through? Don’t come here is not enough meaning oh … "
"How can I refuse if you say it?" Wu Liang smiled. "I must come there and give me the address."
"No.59 Lilac Villa at three o’clock on Saturday afternoon …" Chang Yan quoted an address for Wu Liang to leng leng. If he remembers correctly, this address is her home.
"Xueyan Villa?" Wu Liang asked with some uncertainty, "Didn’t Xueyan go abroad? How can she be at home? "
"Yes, Xueyan is much more promising than us now. She is now the deputy general manager of the international consortium in Asia. This time, she was sent back to China to take charge of the branch director and common sense in our city. That is, she came out to have a drink with her old classmates … Don’t tell me you won’t go!" Chang Yan’s words are somewhat worried that the last thing he said about Xueyan was that Wu Liang would refuse. After all, Xueyan and Wu Liang are not pure classmates.
"You are getting more and more slick." Wu Liang smiled gently. "Don’t worry, I will definitely go there."
"That’s right. It’s right for a man to get up and let go. That’s good. I’ll wait for you the day after tomorrow afternoon!" Chang Yan was satisfied with Wu Liang’s affirmative answer and hung up. It’s a pity that words can make people hear each other’s voices and can’t see each other’s expressions. Otherwise, Chang Yan will see Wu Liang’s bitter smile.
Hanging words Wu Liang is lying in bed with some stupidity, and his sleepiness has been dispelled by the name Xueyan, which has been violated for a long time.
Xueyan, an elegant and beautiful woman, once attracted Wu Liang’s attention for her beauty and simplicity. It was a very wonderful time and a very crazy day. Wu Liang skipped class for the first time, entered the coffee shop for the first time, and spent Valentine’s Day for the first time more than fighting with her rival for the first time. Although the final result was that she accidentally injured the principal Sun, which led to her bright future, Wu Liang never regretted it.
Wu Liang once foolishly thought that she might spend her whole life together, but Wu Liang lacked the honest and taciturn image that attracted girls. Maybe it would give people a reliable feeling of age at first, but after a long time, it became attractive and an eyesore in the eyes of girls.
On the day of graduation, Wu Liang paid for a bunch of the most expensive roses and planned to propose to Xueyan. But the news that Xueyan had gone away from home was hard for Wu Liang to accept. The whole class knew that he was the only one who didn’t know anything about sunny Wan Li and sunny sun. Wu Liang would never forget that moment, which rose from his heart and was deeply chilling.
The most ridiculous thing is that on the same graduation day, Wu Liangcai knew what people around him thought of his relationship. In a word, the toad wanted to eat swan meat, and the snow goose root had a good family background. It was impossible to see ordinary and rustic Wu Liang. She wanted to date Wu Liang because she needed a shield to resist crazy bees and butterflies, and Wu Liangyi was the best one.
Wu Liang "touched" a warning note from the bottom of the pillow, but there was a dry rose in it. The irony in that incongruous feeling was like Wu Liang’s first love without an ending.
Is that snow goose back? Wu Liang gently touched the rose that had never withered, but the fingertips were no longer rhyme and touch, but mixed with years of slight pain and shallow regret. Fate was really a rather humorous person. When Xueyan left, he was the last to know that Xueyan was back, and he was still the last to know.
But now I should be able to face that girl naturally, right?
Wu Liang is a little uncertain. People say that the first love is the most beautiful and profound memory for girls. The boy can also think of it when he is young. Wu Liang laughed to ridicule himself and to be ridiculed himself.
Just thinking about Wu Liang, I felt a stabbing pain in my head. That terrible headache is strange again.
Put away the roses and restore the silence in the table lamp room of Wu Liang’s room. Bright moonlight shines through the glass bed, and the cold wind blows gently in the autumn night, which is somewhat hard to hide. Wu Liang’s hands are gentle, and the sun * * presses "rubbing" to ease the sudden stabbing pain in his wrist, and the "naked" outer arm touches a hard and cold object. Wu Liang turns his head to look for it, only to find that a small protrusion in the bed measurement is quietly emitting a blue "color" thin light.
Wu Liang curiously reached out and took the blue "color" thing to the moonlight. Looking closely, it turned out to be a piece of metal with unknown texture. This metal plate is about one centimeter thick and palm-sized, and it seems to have phosphor composition, which will emit a faint blue "color" light in the dark. This should be the time when I went to the tomb of Tang Dynasty and found the metal block. Wu Liang vaguely remembers this little thing that suddenly appeared in his pocket six months ago.
Although I don’t know what this thing is made of, it is really beautiful. The light soft blue [color] is particularly elegant in the dark. At the moment, the silvery moonlight seems to have become a foil. The cold feeling in shaking hands is not the pure hard cold of metal, but more like a jade-like touch. Wu Liang casually put the metal block on his forehead. The cold feeling is as effective as an ice pack, and the headache is immediately eliminated.

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