"You go first," Zhuge Yuanhong said.

"Is the patriarch" gray robe male respectfully back immediately.
And Zhuge Yuanhong put out the candle with a wave of his hand. Zhuge Yuanhong sat quietly in the dark room for a long time. "Teng Qingshan’s innocent life can never be his sectarian chess, and it is estimated that he is not willing to make such a genius play chess! This is definitely my first talent since I returned to Yuan Zong for thousands of years! If Teng Qingshan can rise at this speed for decades and a hundred years, I will be led by Teng Qingshan in Yuan Zong … Maybe I can surpass Qinghu Island one day! Become the first Sect in Yangzhou! Teng Qingshan, I will try to train you to see what general level you can reach. I hope you won’t let me down! "
Sometimes you have to decide!
Although Tengqingshan’s parents don’t belong to Yuan Zong’s brother, they can’t be regarded as the most trustworthy.
But Teng Qingshan is innocent, so it’s rare for him to be robbed by sects if he doesn’t cultivate a peerless genius.
When it’s time to decide, you must decide!
Zhuge Yuanhong at the bottom of my heart has intended to cultivate Teng Qingshan as a generation patriarch! This belongs to the patriarch of Yuan Zong, not the father but the best brother!
In the past, Zhuge Yuanhong regarded Zangfeng and Green Son Zhuge Yun as suzerain candidates.
These three men are great, but …
It’s far from being able to beat Meng Tian Teng Qingshan. The most important thing is that Teng Qingshan is only 17 years old! At the age of 17, he defeated the master and returned to Yuan Zong. There has never been anyone in the Millennium. The most important thing is that Teng Qingshan used to practice by himself and never really experienced the training of returning to Yuan Zong.
"What should he do?" Zhuge Yuanhong thought, "One is that I belong to Yuan Zong Town Zongbaodian Tianji Secret Code, and the other is a prefecture-level secret code, but it is a marksmanship! Um … "Zhuge Yuanhong also seriously thought about how to cultivate Tengqingshan.
Chapter 49 Black monster
At the entrance of Hongshibang, Huaicheng, Chu County
It’s noon now, and it will be dark in an hour and a half.
"Castle Peak Brother, I want you to play here for a few more days. What are you doing in a hurry to go back?" Zhu Chongshi Nai said, "Is there anything wrong with my hospitality as a brother?"
"Zhu Xiong, your hospitality is good enough, but my Black Armored Army has just passed the stage of recruiting new people, and my battalion will also add new people. There are so many things to do for the Black Armored Army sergeant to supplement, eliminate and train that I really can’t stay," Teng Qingshan said.
Zhu Chongshi saw that the sun was not poisonous at the moment. "It didn’t take long for the castle peak to look like it was dark. Let’s go early in the morning."
"It’s just that it’s not too hot now, and we can just get to a city in one breath." Tengqingshan smiled and handed it over. "Zhu Xiong doesn’t have to stay. When you come to Jiangning County, my brother will get together again."
"All right," Zhu Chongshi also handed over. "I won’t keep the Qingshan brothers. Take care all the way!"
Then Zhu Chongshi and a group of people watched Tengqingshan and other 20 people galloping away on horses.
Horseshoe flying and dusty.
Twenty black phantoms travel at a high speed, regardless of the situation of trucks and carriages. The black armor army travels at a very fast speed. It took a whole day to get to Hongshi Gang from Yunlai Inn, but it only took more than half an hour for Teng Qingshan to get to Yunlai Inn from Hongshi Gang on his way home.
"Huh?" Tengqingshan swept away the ears of Yunlai Inn in the distance.
"Many fighters have gone to daikin zhuang!"
Tengqingshan hearing that is much better than the average person "that daikin zhuang continuous people disappear now and fighters in the past? Has anyone found the reason? " Tengqingshan to that poor daikin zhuang or heart a little curious doubts.
Anyway, it’s getting late and going to bed early won’t delay much trip.
"Stop!" Teng Qingshan gave orders.
"Law ~ ~ ~"
As Tengqingshan ordered the horseshoe to be raised high, twenty cavalry were uniformly stopped.
Xiao Er of Yunlai Inn, as well as some businessmen and fighters who passed by and rested, were surprised to see this well-trained cavalry team. Even the horses were covered with armor and galloped so fast that they could act in unison. This cavalry team was never cultivated by ordinary families.
"Guest officer, please" Xiao Er greeted him warmly at once.
Put the war horse behind the stable and sent three black armor soldiers to guard the others. All of them entered the inn hall and seventeen people occupied four tables.

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