Jun Moying went back to her room and strode to the bed, and she saw that Feng Shao was already asleep with his eyes closed, even if he approached her, he didn’t notice it at all.

"Shallow" he whispered, this little thing is not intentional, is it?
Just now, it was hard to say no directly. Now he’s lying here pretending to be in a coma with him so that he won’t eat?
Fortunately, when he spoke for the second time, she also opened her eyes. "I don’t want to open my eyes when I am a little tired and have a headache."
"Okay, I know it doesn’t matter."
He put something beside the bed, held her in his arms and let her lean against himself. "Can I feed you porridge?"
"Good," she replied forcefully.
Suddenly like thinking of something, he handed the spoon to his mouth and asked, "Jun Mo Ying, what do you say I will suddenly have a fever? Chapter 1311 And I will always be with you around you."
Suddenly it seemed as if he remembered something. He handed the spoon to his mouth and asked, "Jun Moying, why do you think I suddenly have a fever?"
The man froze. Is this little thing asking such a question a knowing past? Or do you want to test him?
Some soft-hearted, and some love dearly, he bowed his head and kissed her forehead gently. "If you are in poor health, you dare to come out and run around in rainy days. Now you are sick and uncomfortable. Do you know if you are scared?" Dare to go out and run around after seeing you? "
Feng opened her mouth shallowly, but the feeling of choking in her throat made her speechless.
"I dare not. I dare not again …"
It’s because of her sex. It’s because of her nature that she will hurt her aunt and end up in such a sad ending.
It’s all over her. If she hadn’t sent Qingyu there, wouldn’t her aunt have chosen to end her life?
Jun Mo Ying penetrated her mind at a glance, and her eyebrows screwed up, but she didn’t know how to comfort her. He didn’t know it yet, and he couldn’t …
For a moment, he almost couldn’t help talking.
"Good boy, I don’t blame you. No one wants this to happen." He simply put the spoon back because he saw her. Although her eyes were closed, she still couldn’t stop falling, and her face was depressed, but she felt more distressed.
Reach out and stick your hand to her face, wipe her tears and hug her tightly to comfort her. "What are you crying about because you are sick?" His voice seemed to be more muted than usual when he coaxed her, and he muttered something depressing, "Are there still few grievances in these years? I haven’t seen you cry before when you were beaten. Why are you becoming more and more like a child after three children?"
Phoenix shallow smell speech changed from crying to low sobbing, and her heart became more and more wronged and sad.
At this time, she should probably be left alone to cry quietly, instead of being comforted by such a caring man, otherwise the tears will surge even more.
Choked for half a day, she sobbed, "I have a fever, and your hands are so hot that I feel uncomfortable …"
"… it’s my fault that I don’t stick to you," said Jun Moying, withdrawing his hand and holding her on the other side. "Be good and stop crying. Even if you are seriously ill, you will always be with me … everything will be fine."
Will Feng bite his lip lightly?
The dead have been redeemed by law …
"You will never lie to me."
No matter what happens, can he say this sentence as firmly as he does now?
Jun Moying whispered "grace"-"Have you been away from you for so many years?"
Soft and thin lips gently brush her face and feel her skin to burn people’s touch, and her heart feels like it is burned. Speaking is both a promise to her and a vow to herself "never again."
Phoenix shallow think this man is mean to make her cry.
Jun Mo Ying’s eyebrows are locked deeper than her, and she dare not stimulate her emotions again. Her lips are slightly tilted and she quipped with a smile, "If you cry again, you will tell me if she will laugh at you."
"I won’t admit it"
Jun Mo Ying gave her a frustrated look. "Be good and eat. Chapter 131 The amount of information should be considerable."
next day
Qingyu came to the general’s office and sneaked into the room at noon according to the emperor’s command.
The window of the room is where you can see clearly that the man is sitting straight in front of the case but doing nothing. He is sitting quietly, calmly and steadily, looking at a certain direction with an expression on his face, like an idol. He is caught in some kind of deep memory and thinking, but the depressive breath is always with him and can’t be waved away.
She raised her hand and knocked at the door in the future, and the sound came out.
"General Yun is my Qingyu." She took a sip of her lips and added slightly, "The Empress sent me to send something to General Yun. I wonder if the general asked me …"
Words haven’t say that finish "noting" a door was playing from the inside.
Qingyu slightly-she has some doubts about his speed. This man is already by the door before her mouth.
"Come in"
Yunluo said, and then he made a way sideways. He turned around and went into the house without leaving more than half a word.
Qingyu didn’t say much about reluctantly skimming the pie mouth and walking inside with him without forgetting the door.
"How is the Queen’s health?" He didn’t directly ask what Qingyufang said at the door, which surprised Qingyu. "General Yun, rest assured that the Empress is better today, and a lot of fever has gone down, but she is still weak and has to go to bed to rest."
Yunluo’s eyes are dim, and the original is flickering with a faint light. There seems to be a ripple in the eye pupil, which is too deep and complicated for Qingyu to understand or see through what he wants.
Fortunately, at this time, he asked again, "What does she have for you to give me?"
"This is a letter." Qingyu handed him the things that had been prepared. At the end, she added, "To be exact, it’s half a letter-the empress asked me to save the lady that day, but she didn’t save it and got such a letter. The empress tore up half of it and the rest was for the general."

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