According to Master Tian’s giving thanks to Cunguan, the abdomen, the life gate and the perineum form a triangle. When turning the abdomen, these three points should be kept upright and the abdomen should not be contracted.

After several somersaults, you will gradually find an axis that seems to be in the body, but it is not in fact. When this axis feeling appears, the abdominal somersault will be coordinated and natural.
So even if the first step is completed.
At this time, you can practice the air brake. The specific method is to inhale one breath into the abdomen with the monkey beam potential, and stretch the legs and spine into the center of the abdomen with the inhalation, and then tighten the clockwork more tightly. Then, when exhaling, these two clockwork can not be relaxed but should be further tightened.
In the tight process, whether inhaling or exhaling, we should have the consciousness of dispersing part of Dantian ventilator in the extremities and back spine.
However, after one breath, Dantian is not relaxed, and it is necessary to further incorporate qi into Dantian in the second breath to make Dantian swell up even more, but Dantian still cannot relax and repeat the first breath when exhaling.
The brake gas is like this. It is most likely that the lower abdomen will not hold up after two or three breaths. When the brake does not hold, it will be stretched out, and when it is stretched out, it will return to the normal state from the outside world.
When you get up, the sluice in Dantian should be divided into two parts like before when there was no sluice. One part is rushing and the other part is collapsing, and it is a monkey pile.
And it should be noted that you can’t practice hard when practicing monkey pile brake gas, because wearing family boxing is to talk about a spirit word, spirit and strength! If you practice hard, your body will be stiff. Not only will you not grow energetic, but you will be hurt by your gas.
When the air in Dantian reaches a certain level, the abdomen will swell up, and the ability to sense and control the air machine will be strengthened. At this time, we can practice the habit and persistence of Dantian’s air as a part of walking, sitting and lying in our daily life. This is like practicing strength. One practice is to practice strength bursts and the other is to practice strength persistence, but this is to practice Dantian’s air machine, not strength.
As early as in Beijing, I heard Dai Ruoxi say that Dai Jiaquan in Qixian has three years of monkey and monkey two-year steps, which means that before practicing boxing formally, you should practice the monkey pile and other monkey piles for three years, and then you should move the monkey pile to the footwork.
Dai Jia’s boxing spectrum has words and deeds, such as locusts and peaches.
In fact, it is the most vivid description of practicing the beam in the monkey pile. If we can’t find the feeling when practicing the monkey pile, just imagine picking a load and feeling it. The boxing step of Daijia is that the center of gravity of locust step is that the front leg pushes the back leg forward, while the center of gravity of locust step is that the front leg pulls the back leg away. This walking is a bit like that of locust in rural areas in summer, commonly known as chihuo small caterpillar.
The locust step is also a drumstick method. When the front leg comes out, step on the top of the hind leg and drag the pointed knee.
In the dynamic situation, you should have two legs and one leg is urgent
Three-year monkey-monkey-two-year-step generally refers to the time when a person has never practiced boxing, but it is naturally impossible for Xie Cunguan, who has been practicing martial arts for many years, to spend such a long time.
Although it is difficult to learn boxing in boxing, it is generally difficult for beginners. For a person who has already practiced martial arts, it is no longer necessary to change boxing, but to correct what he has learned and integrate it into his already practiced martial arts. Although Xie Cunguan learned Dai Jiaquan, he didn’t want to give up his mind at all. For him, this is not a change to sects, but an integrated learning. His idea is simple, that is, he wants to learn Dai Jiaquan’s short play and can apply his skills to his own martial arts.
When he met Dai Ruoxi in Beijing, the biggest feeling was Dai Ruoxi’s ability to defeat the strong.
Because Xie Cunguan’s body is not very strong, although he can make up for his lack of strength when dealing with big opponents, it seems that wearing a family boxing when dealing with super-strong opponents seems to be stronger in this respect.
After all, the strength of one’s arms and limbs is no bigger than the strength of one’s waist and hip.
Of course, some people may say whether Shanghai’s mind strength will conflict with Dai Jiaquan’s Dantian Gong.
This cognition is definitely wrong! How can the living let the dead get away with it? You know, all roads lead to the same goal. The idea that you can’t learn Dai Jiaquan until you give up other martial arts is wrong.
Because if that’s the case, senior Dai Erlu couldn’t have learned boxing from Mr. Li Zheng of Banlamiao. Didn’t senior Er Lu integrate Mr. Li’s boxing, mantis boxing, into Dai Jiaquan?
Dai Jiaquan has been a master of several boxing methods. How can it not be integrated into other boxing methods?
Xie Cunguan accepted Dai Jiaquan for many years, and the more he practiced it, the more he felt the magic of the monkey pile. Because with his exercise, he found that the posture of the monkey pile was the easiest to move his hips, and when he closed his abdomen, he turned his hips and turned his hips. Naturally, it was a round file.
Moreover, this movement is the easiest to make the back of the spine run through the spine.
Once the strength of family boxing can get out of the hip, it will get out of the dragon and tiger, that is, the vertical and horizontal strength
Besides, those mysterious and mysterious forces are full of science only in terms of physical strength. In this posture, the pelvic cavity of the hip is like a two-way cam. One side of the guide bar is the spine, and the other side of the guide bar is the long-term squatting monkey training of the legs. On the one hand, it can strengthen the strength of rectus abdominis and gluteus dorsalis, on the other hand, it can also enlarge the diameter of the cam and lengthen the arm of rectus abdominis and gluteus dorsalis, so that the strength will be doubled even if the strength is not counted.
Moreover, Xie Cunguan practiced smoothly for a period of time, and then added Master Tong Tian’s boxing trial. He felt more and more that Master Tian said that the monkey pile was a form of Dai Jia’s mind boxing. It was not a point to come from the wind, but a scientific cognition. It was simply too scientific to take over hitting people in the martial arts because of this beam.
Chapter 39 If the evening killed people
Chapter 39 Ruoxi killed someone
When sparrows are twittering in the trees, it’s quiet for another day.
Xie Cunguan has finished sweeping the entrance of the temple, and then he went to the temple to take a dustpan and prepare to take out the garbage. When he walked all the way to the temple, he was wrapped in dantian and sat back slightly with his hipbone.
His head is slightly tilted, but it’s already a monkey’s stake. Now he is following Master Tian’s advice, and everything he does is connected with the spirit of Dantian. Master Tian once said that when he used to practice boxing, it was necessary to combine the strength of Dantian for a long time, so that the strength of Dantian would be integrated into people’s every move, so that people would be able to do it without thinking about it.
Some people may say that this is no longer a standard monkey stake.
But monkey stake is a stake method to train Dantian’s strength and posture in Dai Jiaquan.
Piling is a training method, not a training purpose. If you have already made great efforts in the abdomen, you don’t need to be a monkey-pile-like field teacher. You showed Xie Cunguan that the old man kept moving. When he helped his waist and touched his abdomen, the old man’s abdomen still rolled like a bulb, unlike beginners, who had to make a monkey-pile-like field to flip the abdomen.
Just learn the rules. If you break the rules, you are dogmatic.
Never heard of dogma. Things can still hit people.
When Xie Cunguan walks like this, he can feel that his legs are gradually sinking, but the front is solid and the back is light, that is, one leg, the upper thigh, one side of the tibia feels heavy, but the gluteal muscles on the back of the thigh and the calf have a feeling of being light and floating, and especially at this time, the gluteal muscles, waist and back, and the kidney muscles of Mingmen have a feeling of eating hard.
In the past, he never seemed to feel that he still had muscles here.
If you walk like this for a while, your kidneys will get hot and your energy will feel strong.
But when he just came out of the temple, a silver-gray car stopped at the gate of the temple, and the driver was Tian Shi’s nephew Bai Zhigang. They met again after the first contact. Bai Zhigang was usually busy in Taiyuan company, and he rarely saw Xie Cunguan. He often saw Master Tian’s brothers Niu Gang, Cheng Hu, Long Long and neighboring Li Baiwen. He also met several foreign brothers around May 1 ST.
At the moment, Bai Zhigang’s face looked a little serious. When he barely smiled, he said hello, but he didn’t feel funny and grateful as usual. He felt that there was something rubbish and went directly with him into the temple.

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