"No-"Retreat to the distance and wait and see Du Yan ran. Seeing Du Yun fall to the cliff, I couldn’t help but be frightened to disgrace. Quickly, my body was covered by a green light and flashed to Du Yunfei to save Du Yun.

However, she was still one step late. When she flew to the edge of the cliff, Du Yunshen had fallen into the dark and bottomless cliff.
"Brother Yun" Du Yan ran’s mouth whispered that her cheeks were wet with tears again. Tonight, together with Dewey and others, she cheated Du Yun into coming here, so she felt bad in her heart and drank so much wine. She wanted to find a chance to teach Du Yunyi a lesson because of resentment in her heart!
But now Du Yun has fallen off a cliff and died. This result is not that she wants Du Yan ran to regret it.
The teenagers and Dewey were dumbfounded. They also wanted to give Du Yun a good lesson and vent their grievances, but they never wanted to kill Du Yun.
"It was you who killed him." Du Yan ran suddenly turned around and glared at Dewey with red eyes. At the same time, she suddenly swelled her fist and held her eyes with evil spirit.
"I I didn’t mean to … it was his own bad life that made him fall off the cliff." Dewey recovered from his consternation and argued that he didn’t think that he had actually knocked Du Yun off the cliff with this shot. It seems that he was overweight.
"You killed him, and you gave me back Brother Yun’s life." Du Yan ran’s heart was sorrowful and charming, and a blue firm but gentle split at Dewey.
Dewey knew that he was not Du Yan ran’s opponent, and he rushed around and fled. The teenagers next to him were also afraid that Du Yan ran would find trouble for himself.
The night wind at the edge of the eagle’s sorrow cliff slowly left Du Yan ran alone. Her hand hip flask called Du Yun’s name in her mouth, and she talked to herself with grief and tears, and she was completely drunk and fell asleep unconsciously.
Only Tian Yue Bud did not hesitate to shine the bleak moonlight into her dream. Chapter III Fairy Pulse Awakening.
After Du’s family, Shan Ying’s sorrow cliff breeze brushed Du Yan ran’s hair a little messy, and the morning dawn reflected her pale face. Her eyes were complicated and she looked at the cliff and never looked back.
Du Jia’s main Du Ping’s body is still hanging yesterday after the execution. At the moment, he is sitting in the position of the main house, frowning and looking at Du Yan ran and Dewey on his knees.
Du Yan ran was pale and didn’t know what to think. Dewey was covered with cold sweat and his face was full of fear. He didn’t dare to look up at Du Ping’s majestic eyes
"You have gone too far!" For a long time, Du Ping looked down at Fang Du Yan ran and Dewey’s gloomy face. It was terrible that his eyes were bloodshot.
"Dad, start making mistakes" Du Yan ran pale face without a trace of blood, but his heart was calm without a trace of fluctuation, like a walking corpse.
"The master’s mirror is Du Yun’s waste … it’s Du Yun. He has evil intentions and wants to be my sister. I can’t help it if I can’t look at it …" Dewey’s body kept shaking and looked at a full face of irate anger. Du Pingxin was scared and wanted to defend.
"That’s enough!" Dewey’s words didn’t finish, but Du Ping angrily reprimanded and interrupted Du Yun. He grew up watching. Although there are some regrets that Du Yun is a waste of pulse, Du Yun’s mind is clear to him.
Du Yun molested Du Yan ran, such a thing as Du Ping wouldn’t believe it. Plus yesterday, Eagle Sorrow Cliff and others, Du Ping, the owner of the family, threatened no one to hide the truth.
"Shut up for a year and don’t go out!"
Du Pingyin is freezing cold, and his daughter Du Yanran can feel that her father is really angry.
Eagle sorrow cliff is covered with vegetation, birds and animals are all over the falling cliff. Du Yun didn’t die there, but he was lucky to fall into a small lake.
I don’t know how long it took Du Yun to wake up and turn confused. It was difficult to open his eyes and see that it was a rippling water wave. He was surprised to look around.
This is a cave. It’s amazing that this cave is isolated from a small lake, and there is not a trace of water overflowing in it. It’s unbelievable to look at Fang Xiaohu curiously, Du Yun.
He grew up in Du family, but he knows the eagle sorrow cliff well, but few people have been to the bottom of the eagle sorrow cliff. He is surprised and not surprised that there is such a magical lake here. He has a crush on girls and conspires to calculate the eagle sorrow cliff’s humiliation. Du Yun doesn’t hate Dewey in his heart, but his thoughts about Du Yan ran are more complicated than that.
"If you don’t accept me today, don’t try to accept me tomorrow!" Sixteen-year-olds are more determined at this moment.
Du Yun’s mind is very tolerant, and he is indifferent to ridicule on weekdays. This is not that he is weak, but that he knows that even if he tries to be brave, he is just brave.
Others ridicule him and don’t mean to wait for the opportunity to show his strength one day!
In the dark cave, Du Yun sat silently in the past, and the picture in the vivid memory passed away from his eyes. Through the incident of Eagle Sadness Cliff last night, his face lost a little tenderness and added a maturity.
Du Yun was thinking about how to get out. At this time, the dark cave suddenly thundered and shocked Du Yun.
I sneaked away carefully for a long time and finally came to the cave department. When Du Yun saw the scene in front of him, the pupil suddenly contracted into his eyes. What he saw was a piece of thunder. The ocean was as thick as a bucket, and the thunder kept roaring. Just now, it was the thunder that made the suspicion.
"This is?" Du Yun carefully hid his body shape, his eyes were motionless, and Lei Hai looked at all the thick thunder, and his heart was shocked.
Another loud thunder resounded through the whole cave, and the echo filled the air. After a while, the thunder roar gradually gathered interest and everything returned to calm.
It took a long time for Du Yun’s heart to shake and his eyes to blink. Du Yun saw that there was a small pool in front of him, and a trace of flowers could still be seen in it.
Walking slowly to the front pool, I couldn’t see clearly what was inside. I felt that this piece of thunder pool was extraordinary. Du Yun picked up a stone from the ground and carefully threw it in.
Plop a stone into the pool and it doesn’t melt in imagination, but makes a sound and gradually decomposes a little bit of impurities. A fist-sized big stone becomes the size of a thumb in an instant.
"refinement!" Du Yun was surprised to see the violent ups and downs in his chest, which was hard to hide.
Although he is useless, Du family is well informed. Although Luocheng is a small town, Du family fans dominate Luocheng and are a member of Du family. His knowledge is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
Before the awakening of the immortal pulse, people will refine their physique in some special ways, and then stabilize the meridians to refine their body more firmly. After the opportunity of awakening the immortal pulse, they will gradually show all kinds of benefits after refining.
Du Du Yun’s identity is not high and he is sickly, so he is not qualified for family training. Moreover, this time, Du’s fairy pulse awakening people suffered heavy losses because of his waste pulse. He believes that even if he continues to stay in Du’s family, his future life will be boring.

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