Tengren Yi finally realized that something was wrong and thought to himself, but his brain is not good enough to make him feel a little groggy.

"Mom was blindsided. This is ugly."
Tengren Yi felt that she was going to sleep, and hurriedly pulled out the antidote from her body.
Tengren Yi wanted to think, but he didn’t dare to eat the antidote himself, because he wasn’t sure if he was lost in Zhouyi, and the antidote couldn’t be eaten indiscriminately. If he ate the antidote indiscriminately, something big would happen. If he was serious, he would bleed to death.
It wasn’t long before Tengren Yi fainted. Chapter 8 Three men performed passionately on the wine table.
"These guys actually drugged my wine, and this time I’m going to teach them a lesson []."
Hiding in an inconspicuous place in the bar, Zhouyi and Alice naturally fainted in Tengren Yi, Watanabe and Ono. At this time, Alice also confirmed that her wine was for these three guys. She scolded them in a low voice and was about to go over and teach Tengren Yi and other three people a lesson. Today, she was a little upset when she came. All of them had a big temper and taught people a lesson.
Just as Alice was about to walk over, Zhouyi grabbed Alice.
"What are you stopping me for? Aren’t these guys worth teaching?"
Alice was puzzled to say that San Francisco was a rampant figure, and how could she bear this tone when these three days had actually plotted against her?
"Don’t worry about the three of them. It’s not too late for us to have a good show and then teach them a lesson." Zhou Yi pointed to Tengren Yi and others and said to Alice.
When Alice heard what Zhouyi said, she looked over at the three small days.
Tengren Yi Dai Watanabe wild incredibly slowly woke up at this time.
However, these three guys turned red and a little scary. They staggered up as if they were taking off their clothes slowly because of the heat. They were still mumbling something in their mouths, as if they were not awake.
At first, people in the bar didn’t notice Tengren Yi’s actions on three small days, and when they stripped off all their clothes, someone whistled in the bar.
America is a more liberal country than China. Although Alice is only sixteen years old, she still accepts men and women more or less.
So Alice knew that the medicine in her wine would not only make people temporarily unconscious, but also make people feel spring when it was too hot to undress for three days.
"Three kids actually hit my attention."
Alice gnashed her teeth and said that she was coming to teach a lesson for three days, but after all, she was a girl and took off her pants on three days, so she blushed and embarrassed. In the past, she made a fool of herself with three little kids with Zhouyi at a distance.
"Let’s play bar people will certainly tube this matter, aren’t you familiar with the bar owner? When the play is almost over, ask the bar owner to arrange for someone to pack these three guys’ woven bags and then get them into a box, and then ask them what they are and whether the 3k gang has anything. "
Zhouyi out of Alice was a little embarrassed and said
"Well, I’ll listen to you."
Alice nodded and said, it seems that it is the first time for her to say such a sentence to a man. Even in front of her father, she usually wouldn’t say so, because she has been considerate of everything since she met Zhouyi for just ten minutes, which made her feel that nothing can be done with Zhouyi. This feeling is very mysterious and makes Alice enjoy it, and she is happy to listen to Zhouyi’s arrangement.
"Come on, everyone, someone is undressing over there."
"Yeah, it’s still three men. His mother is a little disgusting. If three beautiful women strip, it’s okay. I don’t know where the uneducated guy is."
"Didn’t you hear what they were saying? That’s Japanese. "
"It turns out that Japanese people also have them to do such things on such occasions."
Soon the whistle in the bar became more and more lively, and many people noticed three men who danced striptease day, so everyone pointed at them like monkeys.
Tengren Yi Dai Watanabe wild three people are still a little conscious at this time, but the medicine is too strong, and they can’t help it. They have to take off their clothes so that they are not so hot and more unbearable. All three of them are in spring and need women urgently.
In the end, the three men actually touched each other, so someone smashed bottles for them, because these three guys were really disgusting.
"giggle, these three guys have made such a big ugly scene, and they really deserve it."
Alice went to a bar in Dai Watanabe, Tengren Yi, where the guests smashed their heads with wine bottles and laughed bitterly. It seems that she forgot all the unhappiness today.
Ito Watanabe and Ono touched each other for a while, but it didn’t seem to solve the problem, so they slowly walked over to the female customer at the next wine table.
"Grasp the abnormal condition!
There was a lot of screaming women in the bar, and the bar was a mess.
Ito Watanabe and Ono made such a noise that when the female customer screamed at the door, the people in the fisherman’s wharf bar were naturally shocked.
There will always be people in the national bar. On the one hand, they maintain public order in the bar, on the other hand, they prevent others from making trouble.
If several beautiful women perform a striptease, some people think it is a kind of beauty enjoyment, but it is really disgusting for three big men to touch each other and strip together. After laughing, many customers in the bar realize that the three men are getting more and more angry, so they are all dissatisfied, especially some young female customers who almost call the police because they think Ito Watanabe and Ono are three perverts.
Soon seven bruisers rushed over and grabbed ITO Watanabe and Ono, who were still touching each other and were naked, and fell to the ground.
Then a man who looked more elegant slowly came out.
This year, although the man is elegant, he is very aura as soon as he comes out of the bar. Those people in the field are respectful to him, and people can come out. This year, the man is the bar owner.
But this year, the man didn’t get up so easy. When the people in his hand asked him what to do with Ito Watanabe and Ono, he waved his hand lightly and said, "It’s really bad for our bar to do such a thing. Throw it into the sea for me. If you can live, they will be lucky."
So several bodyguards brought a few woven bags to force three unlucky families, Watanabe and Ono in Tengren Yi, tied their mouths and prepared to drag them outside the bar.
"Zhouyi is the owner of the bar’ Hain’ this year. Let’s say hello to him and interrogate these three guys first."

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