Yang night wondering but didn’t ask the horse tightened his left arm "shua" to a hidden blade red refining stretched out more than a foot long with a dark red light.

"Since this is the case, Ci Rengu, you should take a closer look at him and see the ghost clan red Bi". Xiahou Chaojun pushed Yang Ye to his front and said to Ci Rengu in a strange tone.
CiRenGu listen slowly raised his head and took a look at the Yang night and slowly went low, but low to a moment and suddenly raised his eyes and quickly stared at Yang night with his mouth wide open for a long time before slowly saying, "Like! It’s very similar! Don’t … "
"Hehe, this red dagger is the descendant of the ghost family!" Xiahou Chaojun smiled gently and said, "Why can’t you see Ciren Valley?"
CiRenGu still staring eyes carefully watching Yang night jing jing eyed mouth slightly excited muttered "yes! It should be! Absolutely! "
Yang Ye also heard Ci Rengu say that he was friends with his ancestors’ hidden blade. Suddenly I saw Ci Rengu moving at an amazing speed. When everyone didn’t react, Ci Rengu had caught Yang Ye’s hand.
"You are! You are! " Cirengu shouted excitedly.
Yang night got a fright, but at CiRenGu secretly took a breath and calmly asked, "CiRenGu what am I? Do you have anything to say to me? "
At Yang Night, Cirengu’s expression suddenly got a little sad, and everyone, including Yang Night, got a fright. Even the crazy girl next to him was a little surprised.
"Red Bi ha ha I now it’s hard to control myself, you know? I’m crazy to be afraid of myself. "CiRenGu spoke with a wry smile and suddenly looked up with a smile and cold eyes at Yang night and the men around him.
That kind of eyes is really breathtaking and cold, like it will kill you if you look at it. It’s not cruel and fierce, but cold and cold, which makes your scalp numb and you can’t help but retreat.
Xiahou Chaojun, Guiling, Muyangzheng, the scorching sun, Nanhuan and Baobaolong all retreated. This look in Cirengu’s eyes really made them palpitation at the moment, even though they recognized that they were very strong, even though they didn’t think they would lose to Cirengu, such a look was enough to make people retreat.
Many times, a look at each other will make people lose courage, and it is already doomed to lose and win.
"Red Bi to" CiRenGu looked around the front Yang night behind a circle, and then look at Yang night eyes actually became kind and waved at him.
Yang night didn’t hesitate to squat down in front of Ci Ren Gu. It is strange that at the moment he looks at Ci Ren Gu without fear and doesn’t feel any hatred.
"I don’t know what you are going to do, but I hope you can make up for many things I did before." Ciren Gu Yin kept staring at Yang Ye’s eyes in a low voice. "I know that another me will appear at any time to occupy my body. Do you know that the reason why I can alternate between two original bodies is because of the hidden blade?"
"Ah?" Yang night was surprised at the thought of turning his head to look at Xiahou Chaojun, but restrained himself because he felt that Cirengu had taken him as someone or something and was willing to tell him a lot of things.
"How can it have something to do with the hidden blade?" Yang night asked
"pa!" A slap in the face and a strong fan made Yang night squat down and stumble.
"That’s your ghost face! You dare to call me by my first name? " CiRenGu eyes are angry but not fierce "you remember red Bi you are a junior! Your ancestor Zang Blade and I are good friends! Although I am sorry for him, he will always be my good friend! "
Yang night endured the pain and saw that Cirengu was really angry, which made him more curious, so he quickly admitted his mistake and asked why.
"I’ve always wondered if I killed the ghost family and the hidden blade." Cirengu’s eyes were dim and he raised his hand and touched his nose. "I know you both, and you know it, right?"
Be CiRenGu a hold the shoulder Yang night hurriedly nodded his head.
"But you know, because that’s your ancestor, you’re a descendant of the hidden blade, that is, a descendant of the red smelting." Cirengu said something and suddenly his eyes lit up. "Then aren’t you what the protoss and the ghost clan combined? You are great, you! "
Yang night has been somewhat depressed. It seems to him that Cirengu is now like a delirious guy.
"The protoss is the largest race in the domain, and it is high, you know? Oh, you know that the protoss can’t have an affair with other races, right? Hehe, you are not white. "Cirengu said with a giggle and said to himself," The owner of the domain asked me to fight with the ghost family and let me go and kill, but can I? Can’t! Can’t! "
Talking CiRenGu shook his head while Yang Ye listened carefully.
Ci Ren Gu Yin sounds very loud, but it is strange that they can’t hear a word from Xiahou Chaojun and the scorching sun not far away.
"What’s the matter?" South magic anxiously asked "CiRenGu mouth move! We are so good at hearing? "
"Maybe Ci Rengu’s own aura has set up a barrier." The scorching sun looked at the eyes and said, "Now Ci Rengu seems to be a little crazy. Maybe this original body is very awake."
"I will never hurt the ghost family if you want it!" Cirengu growled and looked very excited. "But my strength can destroy everything except the ghost family!"
"The domain of Ciren Valley is that you helped the evil clan to extinguish the ghost clan." Yang looked at Ciren Valley at night and prepared words, so he learned more.
Ci Rengu smiled, "Hehe, I didn’t dare to do it, but I will tell you what I know because you are a descendant of Zang Blade. I have something to tell you before I wake up, because it is very likely that you will be killed by another me after occupying my body."
Yang night was surprised. Ci Rengu was a little crazy, but he was wide awake. Yang night dared not speak again.
"Because of the hidden blade and the protoss red smelting, the Lord asked me to kill the ghost race. I can’t. I refused." Cirengu took a look at Yang Ye and licked his lips and continued, "My affairs have passed, but I didn’t expect the Lord to find me and let me go to the big domain Lord to listen to him. I was always directly dispatched by the Lord, and at that time I was still intact and not as divided as it is now …"
What does this mean? Yang night one leng but dare not say more to continue listening.
"The domain master asked me to kill the evil clan, which I don’t mind. The domain name of the evil clan is not good. Although I know the evil energy Jia Lanxiu, I can accept it because there is no emotional tie." Cirengu said with one hand and slowly raised his forehead. "So I did it. I’m fine, but later I learned that the domain master blamed this matter on the ghost clan and that guy Jia Lanxiu was also benefited by the ghost clan and the evil clan. It was a war between the domain master and the cremation clan.
Yang night nodded, although he knew a lot of things, but now he has an understanding of these ins and outs.
"The large-scale war between the ghost clan and the evil clan broke out, and both the big domain master and the black domain master went, and I was also ordered to follow." Cirengu said with a slight trembling voice and a deeper head, and pressed his forehead deeply with one hand. "But I didn’t expect that I actually watched him die!"

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