His tone is light but inexplicable, which makes people feel solemn.

"From beginning to end, whether it’s the time of the palace draft or later in Jiangnan brothel or later after taking you back to the palace, you should be very clear that no matter what people do, I never love the queen alone. Chapter 147 How big will the odds be for you?
Yu Fanghua looked at the man who had no room for recovery and suddenly smiled.
Yes, he loves Feng Shao. He loves Feng Shao from beginning to end.
Is she stupid? Is she stupid? It’s very clear that this man has a shallow heart. One knows that this man can’t like her, but what has changed gradually?
The first time he met her, he saw her dark eyes almost dripping with water. Obviously, her original face gave her too much shock. At that time, she was only shocked by his beauty. He was gentle with Phoenix.
That time, he kicked her out of the palace without mercy. Did she have any regrets or pains?
The second time we met was in the brothel in the south of the Yangtze River. He saved her-although she threw herself at him and dragged him, she refused to let him stay away from the end and hurt him.
Everything was threatened by Nai, but she still had some secret joy in her heart. At least he saved her without watching her die but stood by. At that time, his heart was probably different, right?
But soon he saw that he was kind to another woman. It wasn’t an emperor’s love for his princess …
She was sour and jealous.
At that time, although she was being profited by others, there was still a trace of beauty and clarity in her heart. Even though she knew that she was likely to die like this, she resolutely chose to turn against her.
Later, she was taken back to Beijing and came to this familiar place again, although it was a bait.
She can see that his jealousy of Feng Shao’s affectionate style seems to be stronger, but she can also be jealous that after so many years of good cultivation, she can’t do anything out of line. She has never been unscrupulous in fighting for people.
Later, when he traveled to South Vietnam, the Empress Dowager learned that she let her enter the palace and threatened to stay there …
At that time, she knew that things were out of control and drifting away from the original track.
On the day of the draft, he kicked her out. At that time, he said that he would give her a sum of money and never set foot in the palace again.
But to save her life, she still came to this treacherous place.
But then she realized that it was not to save her life, but to find an excuse to see him in her heart.
Because when faced with his happiness and her own life, she chose to make him happy.
The queen mother poisoned her, but she still wanted to be with him.
What’s more, she didn’t tell him about the poisoning and planned to die alone in silence.
It’s nice to have someone with him when he dies, though he’s not with her, but it’s nice to see him, isn’t it?
Everything is so beautiful that even she feels clean and great. What will become like this? Was it unwilling to be driven out of the palace by the queen of South Vietnam, or did the mourning finally break out after so many years?
Whatever it was, she took the initiative to find Yunluo after all.
After all, she can’t change back to the original clean white paper.
She defiled her feelings, but in the end there was nothing left …
"If I tell the emperor about the remaining strongholds, how big will the odds be for you? How did you ask Chapter 148?
Jun Moying looked at her original expression coldly, adding a little disdain to her face. "Even if you don’t say this battle, I won’t lose because you saved me the time to look for it!"
Yu Fanghua tiny one zheng.
She suddenly bent her lips with some relief. That’s why she likes men. The split of Mount Tai is still invisible.
"Can I tell the emperor that it was the former emperor? Can you answer me a question?"
Wind your ink shadow she didn’t speak YuFangHua lunch he is the default and lip way "this face is not the emperor’s biological mother? The queen mother said that this means a lot to the emperor. Why can the emperor leave such a face indifferent? "
It is because of the so-called meaning of the Queen Mother that she has been in pain for so many years and changed her face.
Changing your face is not wearing a human skin mask, but the result of cutting your face again and again.
Jun Moying’s eyebrows slightly twisted and his face was heavy. "The face is just the epidermis. That person’s mother has left even if it is exactly the same. You can’t be worse for her … Mother is just a mother. I already have a beloved woman. Do you want to love others because of a face?"
A mother is just a mother
Yu Fanghua closed her eyes. Why didn’t she think that it was his mother rather than her lover? How could she be stupid enough to do that?
"The secret passage of the General’s House leads to a farmhouse on the outskirts, where the village names are all disguised soldiers. There is a brown gate at the intersection of the south and the west of the city. There is also a secret passage exit in the other courtyard, which is the cemetery … I know this with them."
Maybe she wasn’t one of our own at first, maybe she betrayed everything, and they didn’t believe her that much.
"I know."
Yu Fanghua couldn’t resist raising her hand to grab his sleeve when Jun Moying strode past her.
But the tentacle is a gust of wind and the air is slowly surging …
"What is the emperor going to do with me?"

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