Passing by the maple tree in the luxurious residence of Princess Taicheng, many maids walked back and forth but were sad.

They both took one look and then withdrew their eyes. If they didn’t have to know something from Princess Tai Cheng, they wouldn’t have walked in.
"You two finally found you! I have studied the armory for a long time and found these weapons that look suspicious. Let’s have a look. "Ning Xiaoyue and Silver Candle came face to face, holding weapons in their hands, and Silver Candle also helped to take one.
Looking at them, Yan Liang and Wei Yuan stopped to look at what they had in their hands, and their expressions were not so good.
"Come and see if these are murder weapons?" Ningxiaoyue handed Yan Liang his two hands, two darts and an eagle hook with one finger.
The silver candle is behind her, and she is holding a flat knife. It looks like a lawn mower, but this thing is a weapon.
She handed me two darts and an eagle hook. One dart is a five-edged dart, and the other is a half-moon dart. It looks very similar to the wounds of two bodies, but this one is bigger and can’t pierce such a fine wound.
One finger hook is very thin, unlike the ordinary hook, which has four claws. There is a sharp hook, and the meat hooked by this thing will be dragged to a large piece.
"It looks like it, but it is definitely not." At first glance, Yan Liang directly denied that it was definitely not.
"What about this?" Ning Xiaoyue, bring the knife in the silver candle’s hand. This thing is also very scary. If you cut your body, it will burst immediately.
"This is very sharp, but someone who knows it is definitely not as simple as bleeding, because if you want it, you will definitely cut your body." It is very standard to have a cool hand. She knows this thing.
"Really? Then I can’t help it. There are some suspects in the arsenal. "Shoulders droop and NingXiaoYue sighs. There is no way out.
"The murder weapon may be that we have never seen it." The weapons in the arsenal of punishments are the most neat, but they don’t match one by one.
"Silver Candle Girl, how long have you been with Princess Tai Cheng?" Weiyuan asked about the silver candle instead of thinking about these weapons.
The silver candle bent her knees slightly. She was very decent. "It has been two years since I went back to Mrs. Wang’s handmaiden."
"So you are a confidant of Princess Tai Cheng?" Look at her. It’s pretty maid’s gesture. Everyone will call her a girl, unlike ordinary handmaiden.
The words "It’s a pleasure for a handmaiden to be liked by your wife" are also appropriate.
"Princess Tai Cheng has been around for two years, so you must know how much money Princess Tai Cheng still has." Wei Yuan’s heart was still this.
Silver candle slightly leng and then thought, "Madam’s family should have a secret room with her own keys in her bedroom, but I really don’t know how many handmaiden, Madam. She never lets handmaiden near the secret room. If she goes in to get money, handmaiden must wait outside."
"Do Tang Dingren and Tang Tianren always ask Princess Tai Cheng for money?" The silver candle will surely know more when it is served by Princess Tai Cheng.
Silver candle slowly nodded "yes"
"So have these gentlemen ever quarreled over money? Or did Princess Tae-sung treat her like a distribution problem after she died? " Yan Liangxian’s investigation direction is also biased towards brothers fighting for property.
"Dagong and Ergong had an argument with Sigong, because my wife always gave Sigong more money. Dagong and Ergong were dissatisfied." Silver candle novel said that these things were privacy after all.
"What about his husbands?" Tang Di-ren’s arrogance is conceivable.
"Real handmaiden, it seems that the lady’s most bias should be that when she comes to ask for money from five husbands, she never touches others and is good at talking. She never says that it is unpleasant to make her angry. He never asks for money from her. It’s the same with three mistresses. Six mistresses will come to ask for money and once had a dispute with three mistresses." This family is not calm at all. There are quarrels every day.
"It’s so lively." Ning Xiaoyue is a little confused. These weak husbands and wives are quite fierce and unusual.
"To what extent did they argue?" If it’s time to hate the undead, then this murder case is almost over.
"This Dagong once had a physical conflict with Sigong", but that’s all.
Looked at each other, Yan Liang Weiyuan reached a consensus. At present, Tang Di Renhe and Tang Shaoren are the most suspected.
"Silver candle, where is your home?" Looking at her Yan Liang suddenly asked
Silver candle one leng then said "Dongan City"
"Dongan city? We just met Zhu Si in Anzhou. He is also from Anzhou. "I can’t forget that Zhu Si, the dwarf, just came from Anzhou."
"Well, Zhu Si did come from Anzhou, which is why the handmaiden Ke Cheng recruited hard workers. After all, he is a fellow villager, but he is also a native of Anzhou. The handmaiden has been living in Anzhou until she came to Ke Cheng five years ago." Silver candle answered in an orderly way.
"Then why did you come to Ke Cheng? As far as I know, Dong ‘an and Xi ‘an are very rich now, "Weiyuan continued.
"Handmaiden’s parents passed away. It happened that there was a distant relative in Ke Cheng who couldn’t come to take refuge in people at that time. The roof was not a long-term solution. Fortunately, my wife took the handmaiden to Dumen Mountain Villa." Even though the questioning was very harsh, the silver candle answered them one by one.
"Princess Tai Cheng detained a pianist. When did this happen? Did that Zhou Qin master say anything about revenge? " Silver candle definitely knows a lot of things.
"Zhou Qinshi, who was forced to stay in the villa, likes to listen to the piano, but there are too few musicians who can enter her eyes. Zhou Qinshi plays the piano very well, and the lady likes it very much." It is obvious that the silver candle is helping Princess Tai Cheng to speak.
"Did Zhou Qinshi say anything about revenge? Where is his home? Is it like being detained by Princess Tai Cheng? " Yan Liang doesn’t want to hear that?
Silver candle blinked and shook his head. "Zhou Qinshi never said anything too much, such as being detained. It was in Wugong City that he heard about Zhou Qinshi and then arrested him to please his wife. 84. The scene of the murder.
"These four men and five men are now suspected of catching the head and defending the county king. Who are you going to interrogate first?" Ning Xiaoyue caught the key point in their words. At present, they suspect that the source of family conflicts is money.
"There are still doubts." Yan Liang shook his head. At present, people can’t be directly brought here for interrogation. Evidence is still needed, otherwise it will be more difficult for them to check again if they have prevention.
"So you have to wait?" Ningxiaoyue shook his head with his arms around his chest. It seems that he can’t leave here for a while.
"Silver Candle, if you think of anything valuable, I hope you will let me know when you come." Although Silver Candle’s answers are very superficial, Yan Liang still has doubts about her. Simply put, she has doubts about everyone.
"Yes" silver candle nodded and then left.

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