Is she happy?

"Rude! !”
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Children, how are your parents? They all love you very much.
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"Rude! !”
Ning Fu’s palm is about to hit.
Liu Moliang looked at Ning Mu in front of him strangely! !
"What … what …"
Liu Moliang is even more puzzled.
What is so good for yourself?
Ann needs love so much, doesn’t she?
"Don’t you say hello when the child is safe?"
Ning mother tearfully said to Liu Moliang
Liu Mo is puzzled.
But don’t ask more.
Is to keep a close eye on Ning Fu.
"Cold-blooded! !”
Maybe it was his plan.
So bad to Ann! !
Look at Ning Mu’s kindness.
She’s an outsider, so does he! ! !
Ann must have suffered.
"Take me to Ann"
Ningfu regards Liu Moliang as that sentence.
Command road
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Command road
Liu Mo is not cool anymore.
I won’t go to see it myself! ! !
You need someone else to take care of your own home! ! !

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